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My Showit website templates are easy to use, powerful and fully customizable to your brand and vibe. 

A beautiful website that reflects the real you will turn your dream clients into  raving customers (and fans). 


Your Showit Template key code will be delivered right to your inbox after purchase along with step by step instructions on how to add your template to your Showit account (you will need to have a Showit account to use these templates!) 

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Time to customize your template to match your unique brand and style. You will have access to a vault of videos to help  you navigate Showit and create a beautiful website at a fraction of the cost of a custom website build. 

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Branding can feel complicated. Picking fonts, colors and images that reflect you and your business - and stand the test of time - can feel daunting.  And copying what other people are doing, NEVER works - it feels out of alignment because IT IS. 

The key to unlocking your branding - is in your natal chart. 

Your natal chart is UNIQUE to you. Looking at your soul's blueprint shows you what to highlight in your brand and your intuition will kick in and guide you the rest of the way. It's a beautiful way to design your brand - because it's perfectly designed around your soul's story. It's the branding blueprint you have been waiting for - and it's been inside you this whole time. Let's unlock it together. 

Your natal chart holds the inspiration for your website design.

Let's make magic 

SHOWIT website templates designed for you to easily customize to your branding. 

If you are looking for a DIY solution to your website needs - head to the template shop to find the perfect template for you. 

Not into the DIY approach? I can customize the template for you OR design a fully custom website unique to you. 

Either way - you get a website that is reflective of your vibe. 



Your natal chart holds the blueprint to your branding.  Using your natal chart, I create a customized branding profile for you to help guide your brand design. 

Are you ready to use astrology to design your brand?





Frequently Asked Questions

what platforms do you work on? 

It's an amazing platform designed to build beautiful websites in a simple way. It's easy to navigate PLUS when you buy a template or a custom website package - you get access to my Showit Video Vault - packed with videos on how to do ALL the things in Showit. 

Have a specific question about SHOWIT? Ask away. 


can i only do an astrobranding PROFILE?

Of course! Using astrology to unlock your unique branding is useful no matter what stage of your business you are in - your branding is an extension of you. It's more than your fonts, colors and images. It's more than your social media feed. More than your website. It communicates your strengths, your softness, your message. It's your vibe. 

head here for all the astrobranding info


do you offer payment plans? 

of course - pay in full and payment plan options are available for all website templates, template customizations  and custom website builds. Payment plans are not available for astrobranding. 


how hard is it to customize a template if I don't have design skills?

You do NOT have to have any design skills to customize the templates to your brand. I have done all the work to make it super easy for you to plug & play your copy, your images, fonts & colors. 

When you purchase a template, you also get access to my Showit Video Vault-packed with videos walking you through everything you need to know to customize your template. 

And - if you get started, realize the DIY route isn't for you, you can upgrade to a template customization package and I will customize your template for you. 


How quick is the custom website turnaround? 

That all depends on a few things. 

When you book your custom website, you will have some behind the scenes work to do - gathering images, writing your copy, etc. (don't worry - everything will be on a form so you will know exactly what I need). Once all that prep work is done - we get on a call to review your vision and then schedule a date to get started. 

2 weeks from our start date + your fully customized website will be ready to launch. 


how do i know if i should do a template or custom build?

That all depends on a few things. 

Templates are super easy to use and more cost affordable. You will have access to my Showit Video Vault that supports you with the tech piece (you do NOT have to be tech savvy to customize my showit templates - no coding required). But customizing to your brand still requires your time. If you have the time and the desire to be creative - templates are for you. 

If you are already juggling a ton of things and the creative side of customizing a template doesn't light you up - a custom build is perfect. Custom builds are more expensive because I'm building them from a blank slate. 

Want more of a custom build but not at the price? You can purchase a template and delegate the customization back to me for a fraction of the cost of a custom build.