Becky overdelivered with kindness, precision, and care.

I love the sales page and member portal she created for me. It is beautifully aligned with my brand, and will allow my impact as a coach to grow in ways I couldn't have done on my onw! 


I can't say enough positive things about her precision and support

Not only was her work impeccable but she kept my side of the project running smoothly too. 


Working with Becky was the highlight of my launch 

Working with Becky was hands down seamless and simple. I was on a serious time crunch and needed a sales page put together for my group program. She took my copy and outline and designed a fantastic sales page with an impressive turnaround. 


Becky is brilliant at managing a project

and the multitude of small details that don't always occur to me as the dreamer and visionary of my business. 


The goal is a high converting sales page. 

And the best strategy to make that a reality for your next launch is to nail this trio: 

⌲ solid offer 
⌲amazing copy 
⌲killer copy design 

             offer and copy PLUS  
                       =   the sales page of your  




Your sales page and course member portal need to reflect your personality, your brand and hold true to your promise and commitment to your clients. 

It's time to show how amazing YOU are,  how impactful your offers are and the spark that sets you apart.

It's time for your online presence to reflect the most badass version of YOU. 

a day that'll change your business

From Teacher > Certified OBM > Following my passion for design. Living for this life where I can turn my passion for creativity into service for you to impact lives with your life changing offers. When I'm not behind the computer - I'm probably watering my plants or planning my next vacation. 

Meet Your New Design Bestie - Becky Luna 

>  Sales Page Design, Check Out Pages, Offers, Thank you Page

> Customized Student Welcome Page, Library, Portal Uploads, Customized Portal, Nurture Emails 

> Support to Prepare, Streamlined Communication & Post Support 


$1,597 for sales page funnel 
$997 for course builds  

Total Investment

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starting at 

A brand that empowers you, inspires you, lights your soul on fire - your sales page should reflect that 

A page that creates a lasting impression with a conversion rate that blows your mind

A personalized experience that is magical down to the very last detail

A sales page that attracts your dream clients with 'must work with you' energy 

A membership portal that feels like an extension of you, like the best possible version of you 

The launch of your dreams is yours 

Why you need this:

The sales page is beautifully aligned with my brand. 

This will allow my impact as a coach to grow in ways I couldn't have done on my own! 


Working with her was the highlight of my launch

Becky took my copy and outline and designed a fantastic sales page with an impressive turnaround time. I would recommend her to anyone who asked! 


What it's like working with Becky 

Frequently Asked Questions

how quick is the turnaround for a project?

The turnaround all depends on the scope of your project! 
Showit websites can be completed in one week depending on the project details. Sales page builds and course builds can be completed in one week depending on the scope of the project. Once we meet to chat details, we will be able to determine a turnaround time that fits your needs. 


what platforms do you work on? 

Showit. Kajabi. Leadpages.  


do you offer a payment plan?

YES! You can pay in full when you book or you can pay 50% down when you book and 50% at completion of the project. 


how do i know if this is for me?

This one is easy. If you are running your business - and kicking ass doing it - and you are ready launch your next off into the world - then you are ready for a sales page that matches the boldness you show up with in your business everyday. 

If you are a female entrepreneur with an established, scaling and thriving online creative business  - this is for you. 

If you are a woman determined to launch with the vibe that truly embodies her higher self - this is for you. 


how established do i need to be?

This is for both the new and well established female entrepreneur.

If you are in the beginning stages of growth and are ready to launch your offer with a sales page that makes it known you are here to change lives - then it's time to ditch the pieced together branding and elevate your sales page to showcase who you really are. 

This is for the established empire builders who are ready to stand out from the crowd - that have put in the growth, both in business and personally - and are ready to elevate their sales pages to match. 


what if my course isn't ready yet?

That's totally fine - we create a package that works for you.

Just need a sales page? Done.Need a portal built out for you to upload your content once it's done. Done. Have everything ready to upload and want it done from start to finish. Done. Have your course in a different portal and ready to move everything over to Kajabi. Done and done. Whatever level of support you need - I got you. 


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It's time for a launch that matches your growth, your personality, your soul. 
Ready for a magical experience? 

The Design Experience You Need